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Epic Beer Pong Official

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Featuring 100s of pre-programmed and randomized light patterns. Full RGB lighting to give your Epic Beer Pong rack 16777216 shades of color! Use the Epic Mode Button located on the side of Epic Beer Pong to switch between different pattern settings or game modes. A few modes include:

Normal - Random selection of the best patterns.
Chill - Slower and more comfortable patterns.
Fast - Similar to Normal just faster.
Seizure - Melts your eyes.
Rainbow - Quadruple rainbow, all the way...omg.

Enjoy interactive light patterns when a ball hits a cup, game modes and other surprises. Our Hawt Shot game mode will randomly cycle specific color cups onto the rack. Sink the green cup, remove two cups. Accidentally sink the red cup, put a cup back on.

Includes 2 Racks and 2 sets of our hybrid color cups! Supplies are limited!